Here’s An AR Vision Of Mine

Yep, we all seem to love our technology, and frankly can’t seem to exist without it these days.

Constantly having it seamlessly welded to your hand, is very much the order of the day, or poignantly placed, for immediate access, into your skinny jeans.

So here’s a blast of a vision of mine, to start getting the best out of this thing that we call tech. (that I actually published ages ago).

Imagine entering a store, where you can get your entire body 3D scanned in nothing more than a photo booth, where it is instantly saved to your delightful smartphone, and whooshed off to your favourite cloud, all in an instant?

Sure, you’ve got to get to your underwear first, but hey, that’s second nature theses days.

Once you’ve had your body scan, you’re then free to try on everything, and anything in sight, with the simple swipe of the bar code – and voi la – there you are wearing the item in all it’s glory straight in front of you on your precious slab of glass.

Naturally, it’d have 3D rotation and zoom all built into the app, so that you can get the best possible images of what it would actually look like on you.

Now take the concept a step further, for you don’t want to leave your bean bag sofa.

No problem, as long as you’ve had your body scan, then you’re good to go.

Simply access your favourite e-commerce site, find an interesting choice of raymont, tap the app, and voi – la, there you are again, dressed in all your refinery, swirling around on your smart thingy.

In both cases, like it, and buy it with one click – job done, get on with your day, or re-lounging on your bean bags.

Once you’ve been body scanned, the choices are endless, from clothing to jewellery, from a new hair do, to boots and sandals.

All it would take is three simple steps:

  • Scan
  • Swipe
  • Buy

Now you’re talking true vision.

Keith Osola

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